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Salary : 3900

Health : 77

Agility : 69

Dexterity : 86

Wisdom : 85

Medical : 11

Explosives : 53

Mechanical : 76

Mrksmanship : 92

Exp. Class : 5

A seasoned veteran of international conflict, Major Spike Scallion was deservingly decorated for the unflinching courage he exhibited while evacuating the villagers of Kampoa under extremely heavy fire. This Major commands respect and a sizable fee.

The guy that created the FTE engine. Well, it's more interesting than learning how to program. In fact, graphics code and networking really gets in the way of learning to program. I can't say that I'm the most disciplined person in the world (heh). My primary todo list tends to be stuck somewhere in my own mind. It's actually quite handy because that way I rarely have that many things on it. :p The best way to get something added to FTE is to join the #fte irc channel and bully me into adding whatever. I do have morals, so no asking for cheats.

I come from the UK if you're wondering. This means that I can spell 'colour' correctly, so nur. This does not mean that I can spell anything else, of course. Just that one word. It's a fairly major handicap.