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This wiki is created for documentation purposes. Anyone is welcome to provide thier own take on features, to comment on quirky behaviour and things like that.
To edit this wiki, account registration is required, as well as email verification, also account approved due to attacks by spam bots. Any existing accounts who have not gone through email verification, will need to input a valid email address into Special:Preferences.

FTE QuakeWorld

Quick Start
Console Commands
Console Variables
Command Line Parameters
Engine Differences
QuakeC Extensions
Todo List

Build 2600 - 2666 Changelog
Build 2666 - 2770 Changelog
Build 2770 - 3343 Changelog
Build 3343 - Version 1.0 Changelog

FTE QuakeC Compiler

Precompiler definitions
Warnings and Errors

FTE QuakeTV Proxy

FTEQTV Tutorial


Compiling FTEQW For Dummies