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Welcome to FTE QuakeWorld

Besides the regular QuakeWorld client, FTE has an Android client (FTEDroid) and Dedicated Server!

It's very likely that you used a modern QuakeWorld client before, maybe even FTE. You'll be glad to know that newer FTE revisions are friendlier to use and have features that you will appreciate. Some quick stuff to get you going with FTE:


If you want to go to the original menu, press CTRL-C to get rid of it.


Paths can be annoying. Assuming that you don’t want to use “My Documents” folder to keep your data, confirm that FTE is using the current folder by typing /path in the console. If it is using “My documents”, start FTE with the parameter -nohome, and create a shortcut to it.

Config management

Config management is similar to ezQuake. Some quick facts to summarize. fte/fte.cfg is the config that is loaded when you run fte. other configs get saved into fte/configs/*

cfg_save Saves fte.cfg into fte/ folder
cfg_save foo Saves foo.cfg into fte/configs/ folder
exec foo.cfg executes foo.cfg from default locations, fte/ or qw/ or id1/

Type /listconfigs to list every config on fte/ folder. There are more /list options, for example /listcrosshairs.


If you run into a problem that is most likely a bug, we encourage you to register into Sourceforge and submit a ticket in the fteqw project. That way everyone can keep track. This is the only way of improving FTE.

If you're curious, the last changes are listed on the project's commit browser.

The 32bit revision right now is most likely to be more stable than the 64 bit one.