Minimal GL Build

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OpenGL rendering only available in 16bit & 32bit. No builtin server.

Lacks alot of stuff OpenGL Renderer and Merged Build contains.

AVI Capture Controls

No capturecodec
No capturemessage
No capturerate
No capturesound

GL Renderer Options

Blended 2D Sprites

No gl_blend2d - Blended 2D sprites?

Quake3 Shaders

No gl_shadeq1
No gl_shadeq1_name
No gl_shadeq3

Upsidedown Map Flip

No leftisright

Vertex Light

No r_vertexlight - Requires Quake3 Shader

CSQC Progs Control

No cl_csqcdebug
No cl_nocsqc
No pr_csmaxedicts
No pr_csqc_coreonerror

Input Controls

No in_xflip - Flipping The Mouse

Map Cvar Options

No map_autoopenportals
No map_noCurves
No map_noareas
No r_subdivisions

Media Player Things

No media_hijackwinamp
No media_repeat
No media_shuffle

Menu Progs Control

No forceqmenu
No pr_menuqc_coreonerror


No plug_loaddefault
No plug_sbar

Secondary View Vars

No v2_enabled
No v2_scalex
No v2_scaley
No v2_x
No v2_y
No v2_yaw
No v3_enabled
No v3_scalex
No v3_scaley
No v3_x
No v3_y
No v3_yaw
No v4_enabled
No v4_scalex
No v4_scaley
No v4_x
No v4_y
No v4_yaw
No v5_enabled
No v5_scalex
No v5_scaley
No v5_x
No v5_y
No v5_yaw

Text Editor

No alloweditor
No edit_addcr
No edit_stripcr
No edit_tabsize

View Variables

Fish-Eye Field Of View

No ffov
No fviews - Requires ffov