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List of things to do, fix, resolve, rewrite, support, blah. Put highest priorities first.

More sanity checks to make the code more stable.

Tweek CSQC support.

Fix avi recording (no frames jumping)

Make demo_jump working

Better depth sorting of alpha models.

Better support for hexen2's menus.

Fix software 8bit model rendering issue (they show up way too small at distances).

Make cl_netfps more solid. To check, connect to a ktpro server and try /fpslist a few times.

Have show_speed work in demos/spectating as well.

Add ability to reset server to default settings (mod change for example).

Test Cvar to disable downloading of content from pak files - allow_download_pakcontents.

Add support for a -current commandline parameter, to use the current width/height/bpp/refresh rate. (fill cvars with it?)

Add an aliasedit like cmd, fill console input with alias

Document issue with Mega-TF jetjump results in flying players (even when disabled in mod) - use sv_brokenmovetypes to 'fix' this issue, or request that the MTF folks fix thier mod to not break the movetypes.

Certain versions of TF (TF 2.9) reset fov to 90 on spawn. This is an issue with the exec command sent from servers. Still needs fixing, just not directly.

Mirrors freeze client after moving some distance away from the mirror.

Menu - In multiplayer, menu items disappear when "Join A Game" is selected

Speed up QVM support - Implement a JIT (just-in-time) compiler.

Fix the console lag - Drop shader-support for the console font.