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Q: What system should i have to run FTE Quakeworld at playable speed?

Video Card Memory, Processor...
With realtime lighting and shadows, the more powerful the CPU; the better. FTE doesn't use much video card memory, but the video ram speed is important. ~ Moodles

Q: I when I start up FTE, it starts with just a dedicated console, with this message:

Video mode switch failed. Old mode
wasn't supported either. Console
Change vid_mode to a compatable mode,
and then use the setrenderer command.

A: Type this:

vid_mode 0

After doing so, a video mode should be applied and you can set a better mode through the video menu.

Q: I hear that FTE's scripting is highly advanced, how do I go about unleashing all this power.

A: Well, it's not as advanced as perl or anything, but claiming highly advanced is good for my ego. Basically, FTE supports multiple line if statements and aliases. This basically means that you can create more readable configs like so:

alias dostuff
   if (($blah1 < $blah2) && ($blah3 != $blah4)) 	

Q: Can I submit my own questions to this faq?

A: Sure, click edit and add some questions. Please try and place your question near similar ones.

Q: How come demos recorded in FTE are not playable in other clients?

A: FTE has some subtle protocol changes. These changes are subtle enough to not cause problems with connecting, however, demos are recorded with the new protocol and are thus unplayable in other clients. If you need to record a demo in a backwards compatable way, set the cvar 'cl_nopext' to 1. The incompatability will only be recorded in demos if both client and server are FTE based.

Q: Is it possible to run fteqccgui.exe with wine, for use in, say, linux?

A: Yes, it will. While you can compile fteqcc in Linux and other platforms, it is not possible to build the gui parts, as these are dependant upon the windows api. Using wine, you can use the pre-built gui. FTEQW will compile in linux also, without useful feature loss. It will also run in wine.

Q: How can I associate .qtv-files to be played with FTE?

A: You will need to make a script that prepends +qtvplay like this:

cd /home/user/quake
./fteqw.gl +qtvplay \"\#$1\"

Then you can associate .qtv with this script and it will work.

Q: Help! Something weird happens when i press ALT, CTRL or SHIFT!

A: Make sure you have deselected any Keyboard features that your window manager might have with these keys. In Gnome you would go to "System -> Preferences -> Keyboard -> Layout options" and keep everything standard.