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This guide will tell you how to setup and use FTE Quake TV.

What is FTE QuakeTV

FTE Quake TV is a QuakeTV proxy made by the FTE team.
It transfers MVD data (known as MultiViewDemo files) over TCP. The result is a reliable buffered connection, providing smooth action.

FTE QuakeTV seeks to replace Qizmo observer mode when observing crowded matches.

Diagram of how QTV connection work

This type of connection can be familiar to those who use Qizmo compression.


There is a match being played and you would like to observe it on-line.

List of User Commands

  1. .reset - takes you back to the main menu
  2. .menu - toggles menu
  3. .join - join a game as player
  4. .connect - join a game as player
  5. .observe - join a server as a spectator
  6. .qtv - tells the qtv to connect to another qtv. Syntax: .qtv [streamid@]ip where the streamid is a stream number or demo:blah.mvd
  7. .followid # - type .clients first, then type .followid # to follow that person
  8. .clients - shows a list of clients, where they are, etc
  9. .bsay - GLOBAL SAY! you can talk to anyone/everyone in the FTEQTV. Without this, you can only talk to people IN YOUR stream.
  10. .demos - shortcut to demos menu
  11. .admin - shortcut to admin menu
  12. .demo - plays a demo. Syntax: .demo demoname.mvd
  13. .bind - very useful! Type this in console and your arrow keys could be used to navigate menu


To observe a match via QuakeTV, you need following:

  1. Any modern QuakeWorld client ( FuhQuake, ezQuake, FTEQW, QW262, MQWCL, ...)
  2. IP Address of the QuakeTV broadcasting the match you'd like to observe


Simple observing

Just start-up your client and connect to the IP where the broadcast is happening using the connect command. Then use your qizmo keys to navigate through menus. Type .menu:bind in the console if your keys don't work.

Advanced observing

If your client is ezQuake build 1432 or newer, start your client and type


We presume is the IP address and port number of the internet QuakeTV proxy broadcasting QW action you'd like to observe.

For other clients you have to do following steps:

  • Start FTE QuakeTV - by running qtvprox.exe in your Quake directory.
  • Your QuakeTV should be running on port 27599. You should be able to see it on the very first line of QuakeTV console. It should say something like this:
opened port 27599
If it's running on different port, remember it's number. If you want you can change the port number by typing e.g.
port 27500
This will open port 27500 for your QW client (see step 4).
  • Presume the IP address of the QuakeTV where the match is being broadcasted is this: So then type following into the QuakeTV console:
Your QuakeTV should start streaming data from the internet QuakeTV now which will be announced by some "buffering" messages.
  • Start your QuakeWorld client and do
connect localhost:27599
Note: If the port number in step 2 was different than 27599 or you've chosen to use different port, use that new port number.
  • You should be automatically redirected to the first available stream channel. If this doesn't happen, you can navigate through the menu after you type ".menu bind" in the console. That will bind your arrow keys, enter, pause, end, home and backspace key to standard proxy navigation keys (as you might know from Qizmo).

That's it. Now you are receiving MultiView Data through two FTE QuakeTV proxies, one running on your computer, one running near the server where the game happens.

Feel free to switch player POVs, talk to other observers (if server admin enabled that feature) and such.

Setting up a Server QuakeTV


You need the latest MVDSV Download here: