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This software is free software, and distributed under the terms of the GPL. There is no warranty at all. Neither expressed or implied. You run this software at your own risk. Anything you see relating to FTE has no legal responsability to be true, and can be opinion, or misinformed. If you do find something wrong, please tell us, but beware that we reserve the right to totally ignore you. If you do visit the website and find something against your tastes, please respect our rights of freedom of speech. Alternatively, register and correct it for us. Your input is appreciated.

Source code is available using sourceforge's cvs interface, and is publically available. For each release by an official member of the team, the CVS is marked with the build number. The build number is visible as part of the filename that you download.

Note that builds from non-official members are still on the CVS. However, the CVS is not marked, as these members typically do not have write access to the CVS repository. You should be able to calculate the date relating to the build number.