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This wiki contains information about all projects developed under or using the resources of the informal group "ForeThought Entertainment" (FTE).

FTE Members

  • Spike: originator of FTE and FTE QuakeWorld, lead programmer and designer, adds lots of crazy stuff like realtime lighting, heightmapping, multisampling, bumpmapping, glossmapping, specular highlights.. the list is endless.
  • TimeServ: secondary programmer, wrote the particle system, wiki maintainer, bug fixer.
  • bigfoot: porter (to PowerPC platforms, Macintosh & MorphOS).
  • Noodles aka Moodles: webmaster, plugin programmer, wiki maintainer, tester, rarely adds/fixes to FTE client.

Contributors to FTE Projects


  • RjLan: lots of testing, provided resources, tester
  • purplehaze: particle effects, tester
  • jedilamma: particle effects, tester
  • KrimZon: GL waterwarp
  • KovaaK: bug reporting, walljumping suggestion
  • Black: QCC fixes
  • LordHavoc: mentor, vault of information (mastermind behind Nexuiz, DarkPlaces & the mysterius AlienTrap group)
  • mrinsane: reported Q2 bugs
  • Shadowalker: testing
  • Up2nOgOoD[ROCK]: testing, feedback
  • Anyone who has tested the client and provided feedback (praise, bug fixes, feature requests etc)


  • Tonik: ZQuake source
  • Fuh: FuhQuake source
  • Vic: QFusion shader code
  • Others we may have forgotten...