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ezScript Plugin

Attempts to allow commands and variables from other engines, such as FuhQuake (http://www.fuhquake.net), ezQuake (http://ezquake.sf.net), More QuakeWorld to load just that bit easier in FTEQW by registering the other engines console variable names and redirecting them to their FTE equivelent while letting the user know that they have been redirected.

Download: http://fteqw.com/plugins/crossplatform/ezscript.pk3


  1. Place the .pk3 into /quake/id1, OR use winrar/winzip to unzip the file (.pk3 is just .zip renamed) into /quake/fte/)


  1. The plugin will be loaded on startup, and all commands entered into console should automatically be converted to FTEQW commands.

Other ezScript Commands:

ezscript_silentmode 0/1 (will not spam output)