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Latest Revision: 6202 - 2022-03-01
Current Release: 6202 - 2022-03-01


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AfterQuake Package 6202 6202 - 6202 - -
FTE Client 6202 6202 6202 6202 Rhoenie's 6202 Latest
FTE Server 6202 6202 6202 6202 - -
FTE QCC (docs) 6202 (gui) 6202 (gui) 6202 6202 - - Latest
Additional content can be downloaded via the in-game downloads menu.
Windows builds are able to autoupdate the engine also. You will be prompted, but you can also disable it if you wish.

The above Client/Server downloads will autodetect whether you're trying to run Quake/Quake2/Other by scanning the working directory.
Currently, no Quake2 gamecode is provided. To play Q2 in single player or as a server you will need compatible gamecode. FTE implements the vanilla gamecode interface, which means win32 builds should work when win64 builds require compatible 3rd-party gamecode. Additionally, note that the vanilla gamecode itself may have issues reloading saved games, some 3rd party versions have fixed this without breaking compat.

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