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Noodles aka Moodles

I'm from Australia and I play QuakeWorld, I may not be the best player in the world. I prefer Team Deathmatch over anything. I also play Free For All when the opportunity arrises, and do 1 on 1 duels here and there.

I like playing around with custom Quake clients, I've tested; ZQuake, FuhQuake?, EZQuake (what I use to play online right now with). What amazed me about FTE is that is had so much stuff (Direct3D? wrapper, ATI Truform etc) undocumented.

So I set about making blue link entries for just about the majority of CVARS (Console variables), took me about a week but it was done best to my ability. I did steal alot from FuhQuake? documentation, but Goljat stole most of it from me (un-credited of course) when I wrote a CVAR guide for FuhQuake? in 2002 :)

Now I just update the wiki here and there, tinker with particle effects through the customized particle set system, do a bit of bug hunting, and request alot of features from other clients :).

Below even confuses me, I think I wrote it at 4am in the morning or something:

Lots of CVAR descriptions borrowed from FuhQuake? documentation, which in turn were borrowed from my unofficial FuhQuake? documentation in 2002, which that in turn was borrowed from ZQuake and QuakeWorld documentation and just experimenting alot with the client. Also documentation here was borrowed from ZQuake again, and my old unofficial documentation, and the Wiki Documentation at, and some more documentation on PlanetQuake?. Everything else was documented based on sessions in IRC in #fte on EnterTheGame? and just playing around with the client alot... and sometimes even guessing a CVAR's function without actually checking it out based on the name of the CVAR.