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AfterQuake Package

AfterQuake is the easy way to start your Quake experience (on windows, anyway).
Simply download the zip, extract it somewhere, optionally throw in pak1.pak if you have it (recommended, but vital only for singleplayer), and play!
AfterQuake is intended to cater to pretty much anyone - if you don't want any of the high-res textures you can simply disable the relevant packages inside the downloads menu.
Note that to simplify the AfterQuake package, it is suitable ONLY for running Quake or QuakeWorld.

Engine-Only Downloads

Engine-only downloads are for purists that know more about what they're doing (or people who just want to manually update afterquake with smaller downloads).
You can simply copy the binary into your existing quake/quake2/quake3/hexen2 directory and run it - it only needs the gamedata in order to run (except for quake2, which also requires a third-party-mod-specific dll/shared object for singleplayer or server functionality).

QuakeC Compiler

Documentation for the compiler's syntax and features can be found here.


Note that while the 32bit and 64bit builds are basically equivelent, you may still find you wish to use the 32bit build on account of 3rd-party libraries that are generally not available for win64 - this is especially true for Quake2 mods.


If you're getting crashes with a stack trace involving XIFreeDeviceInfo, you may find that using -noxi2 on the commandline will disable the unstable library in question.
FTE does have direct support for Wayland now, but it is still experimental so will be enabled only through explicit choice (renderers can be configured via the menus), or if x11 fails to init.


I am unable to support MacOSX myself. Public builds (using SDL) are instead built by a 3rd party (AKA a guy named, Tuna!), but this generally means that their versions lag behind quite significantly.
You may be able to compile your own.


I'm told android builds are broken again. Personally I blame the android SDK writing stuff that only the latest and breakiest version of android can understand - mental note: NEVER UPDATE THE ANDROID SDK!
Either way, touchscreens kinda suck, so don't expect to use it for much more than a qtv/demo viewer.

Quake / QuakeWorld

Quake and QuakeWorld are FTE's primary focus. Much time has been spent getting the engine to transparently handle the distinctions between the two such that it no longer matters what branch you're trying to play, FTE will just work, and in a way that is the best of both worlds.

Quake 2

FTE does not provide its own gamecode for quake2. This isn't a problem if you wish to play it online, but if you wish to play singleplayer or to host your own server then you will NEED compatible gamecode. On windows this is generally as easy as just using the win32 build instead of the win64 build (resulting in the use of the vanilla q2 gamecode distributed with q2), but on linux things can often be more awkward. Any gamecode you use MUST be for the same CPU archetecture.
Note that the vanilla q2 gamecode has a serious issue with relocations (aka ASLR). This unfortunately results in unusable saved games in many mods. I really ought to provide a link or 6 to avoid this issue, but quake2 is not fte's primary focus. Third party links welcome.

Quake III Arena

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Hexen, Two

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