A very long wait, but worth it!

After 1229 days (3 years, 4 months & 13 days) & 917 SVN code commits. 

Corresponding with QExpo 2011, we are pleased to announce: 

FTEQW v1.00

Also FTEQCC v1.00 & FTEQTV v1.00

If we were to list everything changed/added between the last version (Build 3343) and now (V1.00), the list would be too massive, so here's the highlights:

  • Direct3D 9 rendering
  • Shader improvements
  • DarkPlaces compatibility fixes
  • FitzQuake protocol 666 support
  • NetQuake/Quake 2/Hexen 2 physics and protocol fixes
  • ODE physics, requires appropriate libraries
  • Unicode/FreeType support, requires appropriate libraries
  • Voice chat support
  • Tons of other features

Head straight to the Download section to get it (files hosted by SourceForge.net)