3 years worth of news

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Our next release we will be doing away with build numbers to indicate version (past releases have been in order: build 2600, 2666, 2770 & 3343), and instead just going to call the next release "1.0". To help the development process we have started to use buildbot.

The last stable release is still build 3343 (Feb 12 2008) and development continued until mid 2010 on the main trunk. A new branch we call wip (work in progress) was started around November 2009 and was used by Spike to experiement with a new OpenGL renderer and with other stuff, so there was a time (November 2009-mid 2010) where we were working on the main trunk and the wip branch at the same time. Eventually the wip branch started to become stable mid 2010 which is where we stopped active development on the main trunk and just merged all the changes into the wip branch. To this day 100% of our development focus is working out the bugs and crashes in the wip branch and using it for the next released client.

3 years of catchup will now begin, basically I will go through with what has happened after the last release (build 3343) and now (March 11 2011):

  • Proper Direct3D renderer (semi-reliable) has had alot of work done on it (evil FakeGL wrapper is gone), is now included with the merged build (Windows) and even a standalone Direct3D client.
  • Software renderer is gone, so is ASM. (Build 3343 last client with it)
  • Better support for OpenGL, even early preliminary support for OpenGL ES (embedded systems)
  • Better 64bit support (MinGW64 & Microsoft Visual Studio)
  • Updated & added libraries: Better SDL support, Speex voicechat, ODE physics, OpenAL sound 
  • Better game support: Quake 2, Quake 3: Arena, Doom 3 (maps), Half-Life (models), Hexen 2, QTest
  • Configuration Menus: video, sound, teamplay, 3D, particles, singleplayer cheats, shadow & lighting, textures, FPS etc
  • Various security fixes, option for static or dynamically loaded libraries.
  • Better cross-compiling support (32 & 64bit), everything can be built from a Linux box (with the right compilers), Windows, MorphOS, MacOSX etc
and much more I've probably missed going through the SVN commit logs, when build 3343 was released (Feb 2008) it was around SVN revision 2910, since then we are up to (as I'm writing) revision 3752 which is about 842 code commits in the space of 3 years.
A shoutout to FTEQCC as well, it is also still actively developed with a commit 6 days ago (March 6) supporting progs version 3 and the qtest progs.