Okay, so I need to post news more often.

I'm not going to make a new release just yet due to possibly loads of cheat potential.
Anyway, a few changes have happened. Most noticably the particle system is getting a major rewrite. Seems stable but it needs to be tested for cheat potential. Sorry about that...
FTEQCC will compile arrays now. Single dimensional however. Use like you would a C array.
The engine now supports http for efficient downloading of gamedata. This might be combined into a mods menu at some point. It can be used with the download command and cannot be stuffcmded by the server.
cl_keypad is in. defaults to off. Personally I find it annoying. The physics code has been tweeked too. It should be smoother now.
It now runs hexen2 mods. Cool eh? I'm not going to bother with writing all the particle effects in, just yet at least.
gl_bump has been changed. -1 uses old style behaviour (but works on ati cards), while gl_bump > 0 is new style, and takes fractional values instead of boolean.
Anyway, the particle system is great fun, and should allow a shed load of versatility.