Dead? No. Too lazy to report any news? Yes.

Just a quick note to say that I've put some new screenshots up. Go follow the link on the left.
QExpo is opening in 5 days (10th to 20th). I'm hoping to have a fully functioning csqc support by then. Currently it\'s got free reign over the screen and hud and stuff. My test mod supports Q3 player models, and a few other Q3 things.
I added support for md5mesh files a few days ago. There are a few issues remaining. Firstly actual doom3 models don\'t come out well due to the materials not being supported. It does support q3 shaders though, of course. md5anim files are supported only through a wierd custom text format which names the model and a list of animations. It needs to be extended a bit to be genuinly useful to most modders still.
The Nexuiz game works also. It requires the use of csqc to set up the correct hud and particle effects, however, so official support for those is likly to be delayed a little. The server code works fine.