Monthly Report by Moodles

Here's the monthly report from me, Spike has been working hard the past month doing his coding things. And Timeserv, he's been doing some time serving (whatever that may be).

Build 2475 of the FTE QuakeWorld client is still the "supported" version. Although we are up to Build 2537, which I used to made 3 binaries from the sourcecode CVS server which can be found here CVS Builds (merged build, opengl build, and the software build), remember kiddies this is only for you to test, we don't actually support it.

Personally I've been hard at work making plugins for FTE Here, ezScript & Winamp plugins I did today. I also added the IRC plugin as well (even though it has been around for a while), i thought i would compile it and make it available. To read up about the 3 plugins, I put 3 text files in the plugins folder. I feel sorry for linux users, I think only the ezScript plugin can be compiled in Linux (but I don\'t have linux so I can't make a .so for it).