FTE now has it\'s own domain name FTEQW.COM

I registered the FTEQW.com domain, so it\'s now even easier to reach your favourite page!

We have moved the site itself onto some premium quality webhosting thanks to DTC Hosting, which means our Wiki will work again, and 1000x faster. Also means the site will load ultra quick.

Now we have our own host, we can do what we like, maybe plaster the site with google ads, nnaaaa we wouldn\'t do that. Maybe now we can start a paypal donation fund so Spike & TimeServ can have some real linux supported graphic cards *cough Nvidia*.

What have we got in the way of news, TimeServ and Spike are working hard as usual, adding features and fixing each others bugs. Spike seems to have some fetish for remaking Atari classics such as Space Invaders and god knows what other games he has submitted to the CVS in plugin form. Bigfoot the resident porter and having a hand in MorphOS has been seen very active in the #FTE IRC Channel lately, so who knows maybe a Mac port is on the horizon.

I made a little intro page, comparing FTE to the legacy QuakeWorld v2.3 released in 1998, a nice screenshot comparison. I got lazy when it came to writing a little blog for FTE but you can see it for yourself here quake.html.

New test version? I doubt it, bugs are still being fixed, but as always you are welcome to log into the anonymous CVS and try to build the code for yourself. :)