FTE\'s first ever official release, build "2600"

The time has finally come, we are pleased to announce the first ever official release (build 2600) of the FTE QW Clients & Dedicated Server. Sorry, no Linux client test builds as of yet because Linux support still needs more testing.

Merged Description: Software rendering, OpenGL rendering & Direct3D rendering. Software available in 8bit, 16bit & 32bit. OpenGL & Direct3D available in 16bit & 32bit. Also has built-in server.
OpenGL only Description: OpenGL renderer only available in 16bit & 32bit. With built-in server.
Minimal OpenGL only Description: Exactly the same as the OpenGL version, except with features missing (no server built-in for example), a full description can be found: here
Software only Description: Software rendering, available in 8bit, 16bit & 32bit. Also has built-in server.

In the past we have released test clients which were very experimental in nature, but after thorough testing we are confident of the stability of FTE.

Also, we have released a new version (Build 2600) of our FTEQCC (Quake C Compiler) and also the GUI version FTEQCCGUI. Replacing the previous version which was Build 2501.

The new releases are available from our Project\'s Source Forge Download Page.

As always Documentation is available on our wiki: here.

As for support: our forum and our IRC channel #FTE on irc.quakenet.org