FTE\'s 2nd release, build "2666"

It has roughly been just over 2 months since anything was released by us. Each FTE Project has been brought up to date, brandishing off their new freshly stamped Build 2666 stickers. An early Easter present from us (even if you don't celebrate Easter, it's still nice to get gifts in the spirit of things), to the players, server administrators, quake modders and programmers who follow the FTE project.

As you may or not know, in our last release 2 months ago, we lacked Linux clients. This has changed in this release, we have released Linux ports for everything where possible except the Minimal OpenGL client (which has no Linux makefile).

Usually the most important thing you want to know, is why you should upgrade from 2600. Mainly existing features have been enhanced, the client has been optimized to run faster, awesome new features such as Bloom and native Anti-Aliasing (Multisampling), better compatibility with scripts (mainly aliases) from other QuakeWorld engines such as FuhQuake, ZQuake & ezQuake. Also miscellanous features added from people's suggestions and feature requests (such as gameclocks), and in general, an amazing ammount of bug fixes.

Listed above was mainly the important points, to see everything there is a list on our wiki: Link to 2600 - 2666 Changelog.

Up2nOgOoD[ROCK], better known for his work on the Quake Retexturing Project (Link to the Quake Revitilization Project), has made an interesting post on the Quakeworld.nu forums to introduce many of FTE's interesting "hidden" features you may not know about. Link To The Full Report Here.

For The Quake/Nexuiz/Hexen Players And Testers

- Full OpenGL Client (Windows & Linux)
- Full Merged Client [Software + OpenGL + Direct3D] (Windows & Linux)
- Full Software Client (Windows & Linux)
- Minimal OpenGL Client (Windows) - Sorry, no Linux client.

For The Game Server Administrators

- FTE Dedicated Server (Windows & Linux)
- FTE QuakeTV (Windows & Linux)

For the Quake Modders

- Commandline FTE QuakeC Compiler (Windows & Linux)
- GUI FTE QuakeC Compiler (Windows)

For The Lovers of Sourcecode

- All The FTE Project's Sourcecodes (Windows + Linux)