New releases soon

You might notice a new toy on the left, well TimeServ brings word over IRC, the forthcoming news of the new release of your favourite multiplatform, multigame client due July 10th (which means Build 2764 give or take a number). This also ofcourse means the highly anticipated 3rd releases of the new and improved: FTE Dedicated Server, FTE Quake C Compiler & FTE QuakeTV Proxy.

In other Quake news, Nexuiz 2.0 has been released:

Nexuiz 2.0 has been released! This is another massive update to the game, new features such as a single player campaign with completely new advanced bot AI, five new maps, new particle effect system, weapon changes, and complete precompiled bumpmapping with GLSL shaders. We have also optimized the game heavily, and improved net performance.