FTE\'s 3rd release!

Today is FTE's 3rd release of it's OpenGL, Direct3D & Software rendered clients, dedicated server, quake tv & quakeC compiling tools. Lots of bug fixes and features added, for the entire list of what has been done since the last release 2 months ago (build 2666): Link to 2666 - 2770 Changelog.

For The Quake/Nexuiz/Hexen Players And Testers

- Full OpenGL Client (Windows & Linux)
- Full Merged Client [Software + OpenGL + Direct3D] (Windows & Linux)
- Full Software Client (Windows & Linux)
- Minimal OpenGL Client (Windows) - Sorry, no Linux client (as usual).

For The Game Server Administrators

- FTE Dedicated Server (Windows & Linux)
- FTE QuakeTV (Windows & Linux)

For the Quake Modders

- Commandline FTE QuakeC Compiler (Windows & Linux)
- GUI FTE QuakeC Compiler (Windows)

For The Lovers of Sourcecode

- All The FTE Project's Sourcecodes (Windows + Linux)