New addition of "Developement Binaries"

On the left, I have added a new link called "Development Binaries" where the latest FTEQW clients&servers still in development, will be compiled hopefully once a day (with a automated process that runs at 5am on my Linux server) with the most uptodate code from our SVN server. Instead of the Windows binaries being compiled in Windows, we are now compiling development binaries from Linux in what is known as crosscompiling, the downside is the crosscompiled binaries are not as stable as Windows binaries built in Windows with Microsoft Visual C++, the upside is that the crosscompiled binaries get alot more FPS.

purplehaze, author of various particle sets for FTE in the past, has released new and updated particle effects, which I recommend you should check out: purplehaze\'s forum thread, if the link doesn't work, I have also uploaded purplehaze's screenshots to the site's folder, direct link: here.