The FTE team proudly presents... FTE 3343!

It was a long time ago since the last update on FTE, many may have wondered what has been going on in that time and I can only say
that much work has been done for making the FTE-client a choice in competitive gaming: A ruleset has been introduced which will
grant you to play with FTE in NQR!
Also, this build will feature the ability to watch games via QTV (supports both FTEQTV and EZTV)! QTV is without a doubt the future
of spectating so supporting it is a natural step forward for any client nowadays.
All the older features which might have gotten unnoticed are of course still in: Minimized builds for fast FPS, mouse-driven
menus/serverbrowser, customizable HUD, various eyecandy settings, NQ support, etc.

Noticable features in the new release:

* NQR ruleset allowing custom models/sounds, use any models/sounds you want with this ruleset, really!
* Customizable particles, you can for example create your own rocket trails, blood and/or explosions!
* Loads custom .pcx textures in non-24bit mode, colorize the shaft beam and armors without 24-bit enabled!
* QTV streaming, watch QTV games with FTE!
* Aims for standardization rather than being biased towards specific servers/mods, you can even play NQ mods!
* Comes in a minimized flavor for those who want faster FPS!
* Teamoverlay support for the rookies!
* Huge amount of possibilities to customize and tweak the eyecandy, click here for a good example!
* Supports multiple platforms: Windows, Linux, Linux-64 and MorphOS!
* Heaps of bugfixes!

* Anti-wallhack, destroys the benefits of wallhack, while saving bandwidth at the same time!
* QVM support, can play .qvm mods such as KTX! Also supports 64-bit systems!
* Player logging, keep track of cheaters/hackers/pestilences and ban them!

QTV Proxy:
* Qizmostyle re-routing, you can use it to gain lower pings when playing games!
* Supports Fuhquake and mqwcl, watch QTV games with any client you want
* Servers no longer need spectator slots. QTV is smoother, takes less bandwidth and offers more potential!

The usual QCC compiler is also updated and you can read the changelog here to see what\'s new!