Well, that\'s an embarasing bug.

Playing on remote servers (non-lans) you should get a lot smoother player movement. This is because a bug has been squished. It's now actually playable with a ping!
Also of note is the key binding system overhaul. "bind ctrl_q quit" will only quit when both control and q are pressed. You can combine this with ctrl_alt_shift_q for a really overcomplicated way of quiting. You may wish to bind ctrl alt and shift to empty strings, or non-input related functions as these events will still get triggered.
Binding to a normal key will cause all modifiers for that key to be rebound. use the prefix std_ to bind just the no-modifier possability.
Bumpmapping has found a place in the texture sorting routines. This is of course still nice and fast. detail textures have also found thier place (using gl_detail).
All the flame effects are also togglable using a cvar along the lines of gl_part...
As well as all that, the server should be more compliant with NQ mods now.