Combining Quake with Grand Theft Auto

The recent bug fixes and stuff has something to do with a new project I'm working on. The aim of this project is to combine quake vith various elelemts of Grand Theft Auto.
The features we have so far are a birds eye view (can be disabled), cars, npc cars that just drive around endlessly, people getting out of the cars when the player gets in, support for 2 players in a single vehicle, drivebys, tanks with turrets and helicopters.
We've alrady got past the stage where NPCs will rearend anyone. We've even got a trafic light sort of system.
We are hoping to incorporate some teamplay stuff, so that you can play CTF in tanks, should you choose.
Single player missions will definatly be more limited than GTA due to smaller maps. We can't be bothered to make huge fatoff cities, and even if we could, the engine probably wouldn't cope...

Now there\'s an idea... One server running five seperte maps, all part of the same city. That would certainly boost map sizes... It would be an interesting project...

If you are interested, feel free to connect to my test server. You'll find it via id's Limbo master server. You should be able to connect with any QuakeWorld client, however the server itself is the FTE server. Mostly cos it's the best server around... Actually, mostly cos it's the server I made. It supports all the things needed for GTA to work.