The client now supports full blown validation. There are still a few quirks with the frontend, and a few parts of it will need to be fixed.

For example: it expects your quake engine to be named j:\ftemqw.exe. Not really that useful. But it works, and that's all that matters.

How\'s this for a cool feature: The engine can now run quake2 mods. The trick is that it switches to using the Quake2 protocol. If I iron out the bugs soon it might be releasable.
Before you complain that this is a major security risk, you can disable the loading of the q2 game dll by using the commandline parameter -noq2dll. Unless there is a major bug, there is no way that it will load a q2dll when that\'s specified.

But the best thing is that I\'ve got hosting again. Wahoo.
And forums this time.
Even better.