New website design

... Make that "Website Design" ...

I'm going to provide a news page to contain my current Quake coding projects for your total amusement. I still need a decent name for my engine. Currently I call it FTE (ForeThought Entertainment) Quake, while everyone else seems to use my netname. If I wanted to be vain, I'd have kept the 'd'... Suggestions are welcome.
My FTP server appears to work perfectly except for the multiple files listing bug. It's not a fatal or security bug, so it'll probably be around for a while. The FTP client also appears to work, but is less secure and may cause a few problems. The server seems to work fine now, and even has security measures in place using the rankings system.
The HTTP server is less tested, but at least I worked out why I couldn\'t read a jpeg from it (doh). I'm going to rewrite most of it now that I understand the http protocol a little better. Hopefully it should restrict data flow a little and prevent various possible attacks.
My next project is an IRC client in the client code. This should be rather interesting to see how many other people try to knick it. I think I'll probably end up writing it to interface with the console, with the important events sent to some sort of menu to be implemented at some other date. Should be good when it's fully working. the current version can connect to a channel, receive messages and send them, but only by me cheating with a debugger. I'm highly unlikly to bother with an entire irc network, but I might create a standalone irc server for chatting to players or maybe rcon.

Plans for the ftp/http server include faster auto-downloading and dynamically generated html via cgi-like QuakeC.

On a side note, I should probably write the news in the mornings. Now you all know how late I go to bed!